Saturday, December 30, 2006

Arlington Hotel remains, Shreveport Laboratories, home of At-the-Loft, gone / photo Mike Rosebery

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Nevelyn Brown was the last person in charge of AtL affairs, according to painter Berk Borne.

Brown said, "Clyde, Lucille and I swept and mopped all the floors every week and kept it as spotless as we could. At times, we as a group would get together and paint the halls and our exhibition rooms.

Each studio was rented seperately from Henry Rosenblath, Realtor. He provided the paint for our use. Several of us also kept our studios painted.

We ran the place as a co-op, with everyone paying in a share for the invitations, postage and other expensives. We screened everyone who wanted to rent there.

The policy was no drugs or parties. What you opened, you shut up or picked up. No one left food or containers each day, therefore we had no roaches or rats.Things ran smoothly and successfully!"


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