Wednesday, January 03, 2007

1984: One year in At-the-Loft

My name is Dorothy Kristin Hanna. I rented a studio for a year in 1984.

It was a good experience being there, in a corner studio. I remember that I never felt completely relaxed there, because I kept getting notes on my door about the smell of turpentine. I was in my early 20's and my paints were messy and I did not know how to paint without getting paint all over me.

The walls had no paint on them.

Sweet Nevelyn Brown asked me if i would cover my paints with saran wrap before I left each time and to please take my wet paintings home to dry. My husband told me he would leave me if I ever brought a wet painting home. So the solution was to seek another studio.

The Loft was the first group, that welcomed me completely into the art world. From there I went to the Artist Transit.

I loved the loft and I am happy that I had the experience of the wonderful kind ladies. I especially loved the stairs that led up to the studios; it was like being an artist in an old building in New York City.


Blogger Courtney said...

Mrs. Hanna,
Thank you for sharing a slice of your story. I love the idea of being an artist in transit. And the idea of kindly, women welcoming a developing artistic soul into a comfortable space to create inside. It is what we should all be so blessed to find as we take the first timid steps towards freed artistic licensing of ourselves.

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